Thursday, August 3, 2017

The New Normal

While I am grateful that I have an hourly temp job that helps (barely) keep a roof over my head and keeps the ac on, keeps food on the table and keeps my phone on, the pay is crap in comparison to what I have been used to for the past 30 years.  My mom will be 75 in October and I would like to ask that her church plan a surprise party for her but I haven't mentioned it to her pastor yet, just in case I couldn't afford the plane ticket. I did have an interview for an underwriting position last week, and another one this coming Monday. I also had a phone interview for the position that I am currently working. The pay for this position I was told , is "a little more than what I am getting paid now."  I had to pretend I was interested in this hourly position. My heart is into getting back in to underwriting. 

Please, whatever the name of your God is, please pray to Him/Her on my behalf.


Thank you.


  1. My heartiest prays are with you my friend as for no reason but while reading you my eyes got tears.

    i adore your confidence and respect your feelings for your loving mom .
    i am sure you will be able to throw that party for your mom.
    i wish you get your favorite position and be able to enjoy life with more peace.though believe me peace in life is about our attitude not what we have in pocket

  2. Happy Birthday in advance to your mom. And fingers crossed on you finding what you really want-job wise. Best wishes!

  3. I'll pray that you get the job that is right for you, but I'm also glad to hear at least you have enough money to survive.