Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Shortest Distance Between 2 points

"I know the shortest distance between two points, is it a straight line." 
       --Mathematics, George Clinton  

"Straight talk makes for straight understanding."
-Wendy Williams

We all have our persona. It’s a necessary part of our personality. It makes life and relationships run smoothly. With our persona, we maintain our place in society and still enjoy liberty within it. But more often than not, we unconsciously get caught up in maintaining our place and positioning and we consciously circumvent being truthful with ourselves and others. We avoid being “straight up.” How can we invite more straight talk into our lives? By getting to the point with yourself. I challenge myself by doing what I call “bottom lining.” What’s really going on in the story I’m creating for myself in this situation? Why is this important to me? What happens if I ignore this? Powerful questions like this elicit the truth that lies within me. Encouraging myself to answer with a simple bottom line (as opposed to a long winded story) forces me to draw forth what needs to come out. Practicing straight talk with ourselves reveals our truth. And using a simple sentence makes it easier for us to share and be received by others. Don’t you often find that when you get lost in your story, the point you wish to make gets misinterpreted or lost altogether? When we can find our truth while being economical with our words, we have more possibility in creating understanding.

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