Friday, June 9, 2017

The other D word

Just between me, you and God,

Once a day I tear up. Sometimes when I'm alone, I burst in to tears, and other times they just flow. I let it occur for about 30 seconds to a minute, then I force myself to stop and then I carry on with the day-to-day living. I just did that a few minutes ago. I sometimes feel better after I've had a good cry. I was looking at my LinkedIn profile ( thinking about how to improve it so that I stand out amongst  job recruiters and employers) and I was reading about 2 friends of mine who were sending out a thanks into the blogosphere to those who helped them find great positions with great companies, and while I am happy for them, I was also sad. Next thing I knew, I was tearing up. No one was around, so I let the tears flow for about 30 seconds before wiping eyes and logging off LinkedIn.
I used to think I was suffering from depression. I went to a counselor for a couple sessions and the conclusion was that I am not suffering from depression. It's just disappointment, and there is no prescription for that.


  1. There's nothing wrong in crying, sometimes it's good for us. Yes there is no prescription for disappointment.

    1. Thanks! Hope all is well with you!