Wednesday, June 14, 2017

I just had a dream

and it made me smile. 

it was obviously a message because I normally wake up after nightmares and not immediately after dreams without external forces waking me up. I had to document it and go back to sleep, hoping that I could continue with the rest of the dream.

my wife and I were in  the waiting area of the hospital room. She was black. I was smiling at her. I couldn't see her from the neck up, but I was holding her hands. She was darker than me. I was happy. I was nervous. She said, " I know your first two choices were a black baby or a blasian baby. I'm glad I could comply."

Then a nurse grabbed us both by the hands and led us down a hall. There were crying babies. We stopped at a maternity ward and peered through the window. There were about 50 babies in the room. Every bed was draped in purple. 

"Paisley is in there, sleeping peacefully, despite all the crying babies.."

I said, "which one? Boy or girl?"

The nurse said," the one in the purple bed."  

I said "they're all purple."

The nurse said, "some are pink, some are blue, but there's only one in purple."

My wife said  "They're all purple."

The nurse said, " Let's go inside. You'll spot Paisley immediately. Paisley's been waiting for you both since you were born, Alieux. You''re about to be blessed. "

She led us inside the room--

That's when I woke up. 

After I wrote this blog entry, I knelt down beside my bed and I thanked God. I know, deep in my heart that my blessing is coming really soon. 

Dear Lord,   I am thanking You in advance. Amen. 

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