Saturday, February 4, 2017

Venting, and Brownies

Do people really want to know the truth, or is it that they don't realize what the truth is what they ask questions?

I ask this because I struggle to be honest with my answers, and my guess is that it makes people feel awkward-as if they didn't know. For example, everyone who knows me knows that I bake and that I'm trying to get my baking business off the ground  by selling what I make to people locally. I post pics of my desserts on my instagram account  @acakesupreme, and my facebook page @acakesupremellc like crazy. I'm getting likes and compliments about how good they look, and the question I always get is:

"how's your baking business going? All your desserts always look so delicious."

I want to  lie and say it's going ok,  but the truth is that "the few clients I have are not even local. I have one local client. Local people aren't buying anything, but they're pretty good at liking the pics and encouraging me to continue with my business."

Sorry for venting!

Anyway, this is my current showing of brownie desserts for Valentines Day:

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