Sunday, January 8, 2017


Sometimes when I'm present to the thoughts and words of others, I'm occasionally troubled because those expressions rarely land with any sense of authenticity. Their seems to be some strenuous disconnect of thinking born from actually being informed or personal experience.
i.e., "The people around me believe this, so I should believe this too."
I often experience illusion where I feel individuality should be.
My entire existence has been met with challenge because I refuse to fit in someone else's box of who they think I am or should be. It makes me thankful to have been raised around forces with the notion that things can and should be questioned/challenged regardless of how they're presented. History is simply, "his story." And to find my own truths.
Are your beliefs grounded in your own informed thoughts? How much of what you believe is based on what you were taught? Are your beliefs based on agreement--what people around you believe? Are you afraid to have thoughts and beliefs that may differ from a given social majority?

Suffice it to say, a wolf never loses sleep over the opinion of sheep. Right?

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