Sunday, January 1, 2017


I feel emotionally numb, but I know I will have some feeling soon. 2016 actually ended on a high note for me. My mother and I are talking again. I has enclosed a money order in her Christmas card. That seemed to have done the trick. We spoke a couple days after Christmas, and I called her again on NYE to wish her a safe end of the year and a great 2017. I wanted to hear her voice. I also called my best friend to hear his voice as well, and I texted about 50 people to give my NYE wishes.
I ate raw oysters with herb butter, a little bit of soy sauce,and peanut oil, and a thinly sliced onion,  They were delicious. I may buy some more oysters today.

While 2016 was ending and 2017 was beginning, I was cleaning the kitchen. I had baked a Hazelnut Fudge marble cake for a friend's open house today. I could have done it earlier this morning, but decided that if I was going to be alone. on NYE then I might as well do something I love doing. Baking.
 I had the movie Just Wright on in the background.
When it was 12:02, I grabbed a bottle of champagne, went to my bedroom and drank it while watching the rest of the movie. I was asleep by 12:30.
I feel emotionally numb. Relaxed, since I slept until 10:15 am, but still numb.
I know I will have some feeling soon.

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