Saturday, January 28, 2017

I saw this coming a mile away.

Everything is up for grabs.
Press, immigration, Dakota Pipeline, Chicago streets, women's rights, LGBT rights, Black Lives, Affordable Care Act, Russian affiliations, gaslighting...
You name it, and within a month the United State's newly elected Dictator Donnie is going to plant his flag in all of it. People's visas are being denied upon landing at the airport!! Today. Right Now.
If you do not have a passport, it is IMPERATIVE that you get it now. To hell with you being able to join Nomadness, you have got to have external access. Have to.
I've had more people in the last month than ever in my life speak about running for office. In a more recent conversation I got into a welcomed debate on how frustrating it would be to be in the rooms with these people, fighting the Crooked nature of many of these people.....but I turned and said 'Isn't what pisses us off most about the inside, exactly why we need to get inside and change it from within?'
The truth is, I don't know that answer. Maybe being an artist and business person is my fair ground for change, without political life. Who knows.
But I know this...we've got to start running for office. More of us have to. As these people literally die off, we need a regime change for real. We must march. We must use platforms to speak up. We must also practice self care, and back off to breathe when this overwhelming roll call of roll backs becomes too much.
We are in scary times with this man in office. He's a child with a loaded gun. Anyone who voted for Trump and still believes this was a good idea... likewise, anyone who voted for him & now has buyer's remorse -- please go fuck yourself.
Those against him, saw this. We SAW this coming. But even those that saw this, didn't think it'd be this disastrous, this fast.
Turbulence isn't even the word.

-Evita Turquoise Robinson

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