Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Tanya and my Maple Bacon Cake


A week ago I made a Maple Bacon Cake for a friend who requested it for his wife's birthday. She doesn't like me, but she loves my baked goods. I don't know why she doesn't like me. Knowing this, over the years and because her husband is a good friend of mine I have tried to be as kind as I could possibly be to her, to no avail. At first I thought she might be racist, but her husband told me he was the only Asian she ever dated, and all her boyfriends in the past have been black.  When my friend payed $45 for the cake, I insisted on it being free and I gave him the money back.I said this was my gift to his wife. I keep thinking, she has to like me; I'm a good person. How can someone not like me?
 Anyway, they're having a NYE party with all of our mutual friends, and via text (since she won't speak to me- its really strange) she has requested another maple bacon cake to share with her family who will be at the party, and the champagne ice cream I make for any celebratory events, BUT she states

"we're not inviting you to the party."

I'm done kissing her ass and wondering why she doesn't like me. 

I ain't baking anything for her.  Ever again. Even if her husband asks.

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