Monday, December 19, 2016

Question of the Day/ Week /Month /Year

I'm a huge proponent of voting; so much so that I get upset when people tell me that they don't vote. I used to take my nephew with me to the voting booth when he was little so that he could be aware of the voting process. I've even taken carloads of people from church with me to vote so that they couldn't use their inability to get to the polls as an excuse for not voting. I've even begged family members to please vote.
I understand the historically outdated reason behind the electoral college: 

but I've come to the realization that my vote doesn't mean anything. In this most recent U.S. Presidential election 2.8 million votes didn't mean anything. 2.8 million, as in the number of votes Hillary Clinton received in excess to donald. In any other country on this planet, Hillary Clinton would have won, but we have an electoral college that voted for the reality star/billionaire instead. No other country has an electoral college.

I'm wondering, why should I ever vote in any Presidential Election again when the Electoral College makes the decision?

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