Thursday, December 22, 2016

Next Christmas

I intend to spend Christmas with my girlfriend. And her kids. And her siblings  and their families. And her parents. And there will be excitement and chaos with kids all over the place, doing what kids do. And I will probably be shedding tears. Tears of joy, because I'll be happy that I won't be spending Christmas the way I've spent it these last few years.
I just need to find her.
Where else do I  search?

Dear God,
Where is she?

I had a coffee date this morning with a woman I've been chatting with on Blackpeoplemeet. She wore  a Trump/Pence button on her winter coat.  You read that correctly-a Trump/Pence button.  A BLACK WOMAN, WEARING A Trump/Pence button.
I won't be seeing her again.

1 comment:

  1. Seems an odd button to wear on a date, whatever your political views, surely you'd have the common sense to keep them to yourself in a situation like that.