Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Lip service

Interesting dream I just had a few minutes ago. I had to get online immediately to write it up and try to get back to sleep. 

I was at a party, with all my friends.  They were in huddles,whispering to each other. When I approached one group, they stopped whispering and they began encouraging me to continue with my baking business and writing, and that they were in full support of me. I then smiled and walked over to another group of people who did the same thing. Then I walked over to every group who did the same thing, but one person said I should get invites to lots of parties, "and you could bring a cake to each party, and bring business cards and get calls and invites to parties and you could bring a cake to each party, and bring business cards and get calls and invites to parties."  Then I found myself in the bedroom, watching  a tv screen which was a projection of the room where all my friends were in huddles, laughing. I returned to the room and it was empty. All the food was eaten, the business cards I gave them were in stacks, next to the stacks of manuscripts I had brought to the party to try to sell, but my stack of manuscripts had grown to double its size. My friends were outside in the backyard, in their huddles, whispering. When I entered the backyard, they all stopped whispering, said they had to leave, but each person encouraged me to keep on writing and to keep on baking.
Then I was at my old job, and the same friends were there. There was a former coworker who had a basket full of dead sunflowers and rocks and muffins from the cafeteria that had mold on them. She was starting a business selling the things in her basket, and every person who was at my party was there, standing in line, eager to buy them. 

I was pissed, and hurt,  and I woke up,  knowing exactly what the dream meant. 

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