Wednesday, December 7, 2016

A Random memory

5 years ago, our department went to lunch at an italian restaurant. The Director was talking about how his wife had just brought him a Kindle, and he was amazed at how books can now be downloaded to read digitally.  Then most of my coworkers were talking about their kindle, and how they love downloading books and short stories to read and are looking for new things to read. They were all going on and on about it for about 5 minutes when I said;

" I have some short stories published on Kindle." I assumed they'd be impressed that someone they knew had actually published something, and would ask me about them.

Silence for about 20 long seconds before someone asked if the Lasagna was good there.

The subject of Kindles and books and short stories was never brought up again.  No one in the department ever asked me anything about my writing.

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