Saturday, November 19, 2016

Who do you love?

Someone in a  facebook group of which I'm a part, called Baecations, asked the question- name 5 things that you love. It could be about you, hobbies, interests, etc.

My response was: 

 I love God, I love my family, my friends, my birth mother even though I never met her and don't even know her name or if she is even alive, hearing children laugh, Paris, my cat Isaiah, black men and women in graduation cap and gowns, black love, a father with his children, the weekly phone calls from my 8 yr old Goddaughter telling me about her week, baking for family and friends, money, sleeping, black women, etc.

In my response, I made sure to mention God first, for He is the first to everything in my life. Without Him, nothing and no one else could exist. 

So, I'll ask, who or what do you love?

It just occurred to me that I forgot to include myself in the above. I love my self. 

God first though.