Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Elliptical

I'm editing my short story, The Elliptical because I want to add more depth and sympathy to Robbie, since after all, Robbie is loosely based on myself, and The Elliptical is a fantastical revenge fantasy story about a boy who wishes his father would return and rescue him from those who say they love him but treat him like they hate him;


don’t forget the bottles  
of muscatel clanking  

in yards of  broken champagne flute glasses  
and lost memories of celebratory toasts; 
slobbering stammering and stuttering a language; 
the ‘C’ word. 
in a pitch low enough that  only other alcoholics can interpret.  
in a pitch high enough that only other dogs can hear…”  

The Effects Of him, 
              by Alieux Casey-George

But I also have an idea for a new short story, that I can't wait until I'm done with  The Elliptical, to start on. It's a kafkaesque version of one of my favorite childhood tv shows, The Courtship of Eddie's Father. 

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