Sunday, November 27, 2016

Keeping hope alive


I joined Blackpeoplemeet the other day. To join was free; it allows you to view other profiles, but in order to message the women you're interested in, you have to pay. I saw three women I wanted to message. I also noticed that 38 women sent me a flirt, and 14 sent me an email. In order for me to respond to the flirts and emails I have to pay. Every one of the flirts or emails were  older than me, the youngest older than me by 5 years. I'm going to guess that no one reads profiles to see what people are looking for except myself.
So I paid to be able to message the 3 women I saw initially. I only paid for the one-month plan. Within 24 hours, all three women viewed my message. No one responded but two of them blocked me.
I'm going to keep hope alive.
I have no other choice. 


  1. I'm going to ask you a provocative question, and I hope you know me well enough now to know I'm not being offensive when I ask it. Would you ever date a white woman? I mean if she ticked enough of the right boxes?

    1. It's not offensive to ask! While I will support and fight for my friends to be able to date and marry whoever they want, as for me, I could not do it. While living in Oregon, I don't have a single black friend here who is not dating a white person ( and I love them all), I couldn't personally do it.
      I did it once, and during the relationship, when we had an argument, she slipped and called me the N word. Anyone who knows me knows to never ever utter the N word. I dont even like it when black folks say it. That really cut me like a knife.
      But who knows? I may change my mind. I'm not there yet though. Much respect to everyone I know though.

  2. Thanks for your honest answer. I hate the N word too, so I can understand how much more offensive you would find it.

    But that white woman was obviously racist, what if she hadn't been? What if she was a beautiful white woman that adored you? The reason I ask is because if I loved someone I wouldn't care what colour they were, but as a white person maybe it's different, I dunno.