Friday, November 25, 2016

Just thinking outloud.

Even before donald was crowned the president-elect, I've thought about leaving the United States and moving to Canada. I've been kind of hesitant. His presidency makes it urgent. My desire to get married and have children grows more stronger, and, I refuse to raise children in a country of which donald is president.
Initially I was hesitant, but there was no rationale behind the hesitancy; I was thinking about my friend Ron. After a few years, he has officially renounced his US Citizenship. As of last week, he is officially a French Citizen.  I wouldn't want to be that far from my family and friends. That was my excuse. Ron's parents and his siblings have all passed away, and he has no family in the US. He raised a good point; he said that anyone who wants to see him can just fly to Paris to visit. When he said that, I thought about my family, all of whom live in Wisconsin.  I have lived in Oregon for 9 years and almost 2 months. I've invited them, but no one has visited me, not once. No one. I have to do all the visiting. Even when I lived in Maryland 19 years ago and lived there 3 yrs, my family never visited me. As far as my family is concerned, I could live in Africa or Australia and not tell them I've moved and they wouldn't even know. So, like Ron said, why not move to where you want to live?
So, I'm job-hunting here in the Pacific Northwest, the Wisconsin area, but also, in Toronto. I'd miss my friends though. I do have friends I hang out with alot.

Dear God,

I'll leave this here for You.

Thank you.


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