Saturday, October 8, 2016

What is the Soundtrack to your life?

One of my favorite childhood memories is visiting my grandfather on holidays, and enjoying whatever he was cooking. I remember 8 track tapes of James Taylor, BB King, Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes, and Al Green playing in the background as I was in the kitchen watching my grandfather making turkey and stuffing, or cleaning chitterlings or peeling potatoes, and/or frying chicken.
You could probably tell, since most of my posts are Youtube videos; music is a huge part of my life.   I remember once, about 20 years ago, my sister said she was going to remove me as a benificiary on her life insurance policy because she thought I would spend all the money on music! I'm not sure if she was serious, but anyway, yes, I love music. Music is powerful -it has the ability to mentally  transport you back to times- good or bad. It transports you back to old relationships, college days, your first love, your  first and most recent heartbreak, etc. There are some romantic songs that make me cry. There are some songs I couldn't hear until about ten years after college. I missed my college days and those certain songs would remind me of the life and times that I missed so much.  This is the sound track of my life:  Click on each to listen.

Love Hangover

I'm Still In Love With You

You Don't Have To Be a Star (to be in my show)

Too Much Too Little Too Late


The Love You Save

Endless Love

Do You Know Where You're Going To ( Theme From Soundtrack Mahogany )

Soft and Wet

Boogie Wonderland 

Let's Groove

Feel The Fire

Somewhere There's A Love

Turn Off The Lights

Bein' With You

You and I


Wide Receiver

I just want to be

Star Love

Sweet Thing

What Cha Gonna Do With My Lovin'

Never Knew Love Like This Before

Get off

Good Times 

I wish

Turn Your Love Around

 Lover and Friend

Never Too Much

Get It Up


One Nation Under a Groove

Atomic Dog


Then Came You

Never Be The Same

Come Give Your Love To Me

I Call Your Name

There'll Never Be The Same

When Love Calls

Your Love Is So Good For Me

Top Of The World

Sir Duke

Say,Say, Say

Saving All My Love For You

Love Under New Management

I will amend this list when other songs come to mind. What is the soundtrack to your life? 

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