Saturday, October 22, 2016

Medicine For The Nightmare

"...October 4 was the first day of what the television networks referred to as The Friday Night Fights.  The validators prepared Beverly for what was about to happen. When she was informed that all the television networks paid The Republic of Texas upwards of 1million dollars for the 30 minute segment , she smiled. She  loved the idea of herself, and the world,  watching her husband being  emasculated on  live, national television.   The local news station  even sold Friday Night Fights  t shirts.  Beverly  was asked  if  the event could occur at her home. The Validators wanted the situation to be ironic, that he would be punished in the place where he would be the most comfortable. As a result, reporters from Texas, Canada and the U.S. descended on her front lawn like locusts, alongside an ambulance and medical personnel.  Some even show up the evening before to guarantee a good spot, though it would occur in the living room of her house. Beverly had invited every one of Trenton’s ex-girlfriends, even a younger sister whom he had beaten, to be in the audience, at her home along with her sister, her mother, and friends.  Beverly decided to throw a potluck party that evening...."

"...The Friday Night Fights was to be simulcast on all the major networks at eight thirty that evening.   The first event of its kind, companies paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for thirty second  commercial spots.
While in handcuffs, Trenton had to be dragged from the back seat of the police car, through the crowd of news crews from all over the world to the front door of the house.
When he entered the house there was music playing and people were dancing.  A party?  A celebration?  What the fuck? 
The atmosphere was more festive than he had expected. They escorted him to the middle of his living room near the fireplace where they told him to stand.  Along with Sinclair there were  5 police officers ,  a videographer, and a court reporter. Beverly sat on the sofa, eating guacamole and chips,  surrounded by her guests, seated next to her and  in chairs. She wanted him to see the look on her face..."

From the creative mind of Alieux Casey-George,  comes the third novella in the Designer Strait Jackets and Other Short Stories series;

Medicine For The Nightmare

available now for free, on Kindle Unlimited,  or just $2.50 from Amazon Kindle. 

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