Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Let me tell you about the time:

A friend said I should start a baking business because my cakes and cupcakes are delicious and I told her it is a business and I gave her a business card and a few weeks later she invited me to a party and asked me to make about 18 of my pear and fireball cinnamon whiskey mini bundts and my famous avocado chocolate chip cake and I told her that will be 55 dollars and she said that all my desserts that I've brought to work  have been free and I told her acakesupreme is a business and the ingredients are not free and neither is my time, and she said never mind and both she and her husband unfriended me on Facebook and blocked me.


  1. Oh my that's unbelievable, she was the one who said you should make your cake baking into a business! Not charging for what she ordered would make you a charity not a business.