Wednesday, August 31, 2016

My escape from reality for a few days

A friend on Facebook recently said you should do something that scares you. Every time I board a plane, I do something that scares me.
I flew to Toronto this morning.

I love the city and the attitude of Canadians. They're so polite, and always apologizing for something!
I only know the people I stayed with when I was here in April via Airbnb. I didn't tell them I'd be here. I stayed at another place through Airbnb.
What's scarier than being in a different country all by yourself?
I wanted to experience Toronto as if I was dropped off in the middle of the city left to my own devices. I love traveling. I always wished I had someone to travel with, but I'm okay with being by myself. 

Though I'm trying to get back to Madison Wisconsin or close to it, I can see myself living here as well. For real. The city has got everything that the entire state of Oregon is lacking. 
And I loved my place. Look what $55 per day got me. An apartment all to myself for 4 days. The owner lives 4 floors below this apartment. 

Thanks AirBnb!

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  1. Lovely apartment. I love travelling too, aim to do much more. Have a great time and enjoy each day. ps, i registered with Airbnb based on one of your posts and it seems really cool.