Friday, April 29, 2016

Erykah Badu; a poem for PRINCE

That time Prince was your rhythm guitarist
then sent you the picture.
The time Prince was so gracious to come to your club in the hood of South Dallas and play for 4 hours into the night...
The time you recorded "Today -the earth song"
at Paisley Park.
All the times y'all shot pool and argued over religion.
The time Prince got in your Lemo to tell you that 'World Wide Underground ' wasn't finished yet and you 'felt a way'. Lol
The time Prince "evolved " and wouldn't sign yo mama's 'Dirty Mind' album cover cause he said he wasn't into that no mo and yo mama told him
"well you shouldn't have made it then" and you were embarrassed.
The time Prince had a "swear jar" and you just put a 20 dollar bill in it when you walk in.
The time Prince and Larry Grahm had you cornered in a Jehova's Witness...well, witness session.
The time you presented Prince with the ICON Billboard AWARD with 20 (Janell Monáe).
The time you sang "I wanna be your lover" on the 3rd grade talent show wearing a swim top and the teachers cut you short because it was "inappropriate".
The moment you remember how much he means to you...
You've been here all my life .
And You will live F O R E V E R in my cells.
Sometimes it snows in April?

D'Angelo "Venus Di Milo"

Jimmy Fallon Pays Tribute to Prince

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Prince - Positivity

Stevie Wonder's full interview about Prince

Something In The Water (does not compute)

I never imagined a world without the writer and producer of When Doves Cry, DMSR, Lady Cab Driver, Purple Rain, Pop Life, Shockadelica, Head, The Glamorous Life, 777-9311, COOL, Kiss, I Wonder U, Venus Di Milo, Baby You're A Trip, Mia Bocca, Get It Up, Controversy, Do Me Baby, Something in the water (does not compute) International Lover, Cloreen BaconSkin, New Position, Bob George, Nasty Girl, U Got the Look, If I Was Your Girlfriend,The Screams of Passion, Chocolate, Dance Electric, So Strong, Love's No Fun, Sticky Wicked, or Erotic City in it.

I just took for granted that he'd outlive me. 
As a kid, I was raised on The Jackson Five, Minnie Ripperton, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Switch, Al Green, The Ohio Players, Barry White, Earth Wind & Fire, The Temptations, and Diana Ross & The Supremes, but in my early teens when Prince's  'Soft & Wet' first debuted on the radio, then a year later when I heard 'I Wanna Be Your Lover',  I knew I had another favorite. There was no denying that Prince was the most prolific artist I ever heard, after James Brown, and I wanted to hear more. I did. He became my favorite artist. 
I loved how he released music that he loved, whether or not Warner Brothers had his support. He crossed all musical genres, from Pop to RnB to Blues to Punk to Jazz to Funk and everything in between, and I loved everything I heard, whether it was songs he wrote and produced for himself, or for his protégés The Time, Vanity 6, Sheila E, Jill Jones, The Family, or others like Sheena Easton Elisa Fiorello or Patti Labelle.
I remember  in the 80s, when The soundtrack to Purple Rain and Sheila E's The Glamourous lLife was released. My college dormmate Harold and I were excited and we waited impatiently for Purple Rain the movie to come out in theatres. It was well worth the wait. I still have the thin purple leather tie that I used to wear around campus.
 I just read a couple days ago that he had the flu and walking pneumonia. And now he's suddenly gone? I know lots of people who had walking pneumonia and the flu. None of them died from their illnesses. I need to process this. Prince was a vegan. He ate no red meat. He didn't do drugs. He didn't smoke. And he succumbs to the flu and walking pneumonia? It hurt when Luther Vandross, Natalie Cole, and Michael Jackson died,  but Prince's sudden passing hurts more.

I need to process this.

Who next?

Someone please bubble wrap Janet Jackson and Aretha Franklin and Diana Ross and Patti Labelle and D'Angelo and Mary J Blige and Stevie Wonder and Jody Watley and Sheila E and Andre Cymone. 

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Prince Dead at 57

I am devastated

So I'm going to Toronto today, and during my layover in San Fransisco, I get a phone call from a friend who heard the someone from Paisley Park had died. 
It was Prince. 
Everyone who knows me know I LOVE Prince. I'm going to enjoy my vacation, but I'm devastated. 

Saturday, April 16, 2016

So far this year

2016  hasn't shaped up to be the year I had planned it to be. For once, love isn't foremost on my list; reality pushed it way down the third or fourth on the list. The job I once loved so much that I looked forward to monday mornings for 8 years  has suddenly become a nightmare; a place to which I dread going.  I would like to think that God is allowing this to happen because He's ready for me to move on and He knows I won't look for the where He wants me to be next if I was happy where I was.

Knowing that God didn't bring me this far to leave me, I'm sure that when this is all over, I'm going to smile and thank Him for knowing all and seeing all, and for knowing my needs before I even know what I need.

A Note To Donnie, The Barber

Yo Donnie wassup??
I know I said I wanted dreadlocks
this time
(last time)
and I still do.
I wantem tight & neat
crowning the top
of my nappy head with frizzes at the ends,
and I wantem growing down my back
like Bob Marleys, but this time
I cant do it; I gotta establish
myself AGAIN
as an intelligent educated black man
for an upcoming interview,
and I cant give them any extra excuses
to prejudge me that they will already use,
despite my being more than qualified for the position.
so, cut it shorter this time, man.
Yo, Donnie, cut it real short and even,

but dont cut any of the soul away. 

Alieux Casey-George   , 1999

GOOD MORNING ! ..........Anthony Hamilton - Amen

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Isaiah 16

I noticed on Friday that he's lost some hearing, which makes me sad because he can't hear me call his name or tell him I love him. He still responds to high-pitched sounds, thank God. My voice is pretty deep though. I can tell it's frustrating for him; he stares at me a lot. And he meows louder and more insistently: more than usual, as if afraid he might miss something. Everything else about him is still normal for him, thank God. He is 16. He outlived his sister Persia  by 3 years. I hope he can survive my vacation. I have a cat sitter checking in on him when I take my trip. My baby. 

Note to self

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Groove Theory - Keep Tryin' ft. Sky Larrieux

Keep Tryin'

You've been missin'
Out on all the chances you've been given
Is it something within
Holding you back instead of livin'
Your day is coming though it seems far
Things will be clear when you love who you are
Nothin' can stop you as long as you listen to your heart
Lift your head to the sky and keep tryin'
Believe in you and it will take you higher
Lift your head to the sky and keep tryin'
Believe in you and it will take you higher...

Groove Theory

Amel Larrieux

Bryce Wilson