Saturday, December 31, 2016

A moment of silence; The people we lost in 2016

I always imagined Prince and Chante Moore would sing a duet at my wedding reception, lol, but in April  I realize it would never happen.


Denise Matthews/ VANITY
Phife Dawg

Afeni Shakur

Billy Paul

Daryl Coley

Doug Banks

Maurice White

Friday, December 30, 2016


Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Tanya and my Maple Bacon Cake


A week ago I made a Maple Bacon Cake for a friend who requested it for his wife's birthday. She doesn't like me, but she loves my baked goods. I don't know why she doesn't like me. Knowing this, over the years and because her husband is a good friend of mine I have tried to be as kind as I could possibly be to her, to no avail. At first I thought she might be racist, but her husband told me he was the only Asian she ever dated, and all her boyfriends in the past have been black.  When my friend payed $45 for the cake, I insisted on it being free and I gave him the money back.I said this was my gift to his wife. I keep thinking, she has to like me; I'm a good person. How can someone not like me?
 Anyway, they're having a NYE party with all of our mutual friends, and via text (since she won't speak to me- its really strange) she has requested another maple bacon cake to share with her family who will be at the party, and the champagne ice cream I make for any celebratory events, BUT she states

"we're not inviting you to the party."

I'm done kissing her ass and wondering why she doesn't like me. 

I ain't baking anything for her.  Ever again. Even if her husband asks.


I'm looking forward to this year being done and over with. It was a horrible year  I often say that this life is payment for how I must have been in a past life; I must have been a pure asshole in other lifetimes. I try to be so good in this life, and just in case I've ever done anyone wrong in this life (and am cursed), I'll put it out in the universe that I am sorry.

God, please forgive me.

In my next life, I want to be loved. I want a bunch of kids. I want a loving wife. I want blood relatives. I want to have a great relationship with my parents. I want to be loved and appreciated. I want to not feel I have to chase after people to maintain friendships. I want to be the life of a party rather than someone who always feels like he's on the outside looking in.

God, please forgive me.

Song in my head....The Family-The Screams of Passion

BLU & EXILE - "Maybe one day" (f/Black Spade)

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Money changes everything.

Interesting, isn't it?

It's interesting how that elephant in the room is put in the closet when money exchanges hands.


2016- you already took David Bowie and Prince earlier this year. At New Years Eve, you took Natalie Cole.  PLEASE, don't touch Janet Jackson, Halle Berry. Appolonia,Vanessa Williams, Salli Richardson-Whitfield, D'Angelo, Al Green, Stevie Wonder, Denzel Washington, Naomi Campbell,  Chante Moore, Chaka Khan. Diana Ross, Jody Watley, Q-Tip, Raphael Saadiq, Busta Rhymes, Stephanie Mills, Sheena Easton, Outkast, Missy Elliott, Kendrick Lamar, Evelyn Champagne King, Andre Cymone, Sheila E, The Time, or Taraji P Henson. Thank you. And please don't touch Halle Berry. Thank you.

#janet, #janetjackson, #nasty #missjacksonifyourenasty


sometimes the struggle to avoid telling someone off when I hear something stupid is so intense I need a nap afterwards.


Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone is having a Merry Christmas!

Please remember, Jesus is the reason for the season!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

THIS. Georgia Anne Muldrow - A Thoughtiverse Unmarred (Full Album)

Donny Hathaway - This Christmas

Next Christmas

I intend to spend Christmas with my girlfriend. And her kids. And her siblings  and their families. And her parents. And there will be excitement and chaos with kids all over the place, doing what kids do. And I will probably be shedding tears. Tears of joy, because I'll be happy that I won't be spending Christmas the way I've spent it these last few years.
I just need to find her.
Where else do I  search?

Dear God,
Where is she?

I had a coffee date this morning with a woman I've been chatting with on Blackpeoplemeet. She wore  a Trump/Pence button on her winter coat.  You read that correctly-a Trump/Pence button.  A BLACK WOMAN, WEARING A Trump/Pence button.
I won't be seeing her again.

T B T Chante Moore, Lisa Fischer, After 7, & SOS Band

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

While watching this movie

Tonight I was watching this John Singleton movie called Abduction. It's about a high school student who discovered his parents were not his parents.

When Nathan confronted his mother and asked her directly, if she was his mother, she calmly said, "no Nathan, I'm not. I wanted to tell you for so long but I just couldn't."   Naturally, Nathan was upset. The mother was sad, and she asked him to please not judge her or his father so quickly. She wanted his forgiveness. She hugged him the way she had always hugged him whenever he was sad about something, and she told him "I love you. You're my son, and nothing's gonna change that." He pulled away, as one would expect him to do under the circumstances. I had to pause the movie to compose this blog post, to tell you how that conversation went when I asked my mother the same question.

When my 10 year old nephew told me that my mother was not my real mother ( that's right, my 10 year old nephew. Everyone knew about me, but me)- I didn't confront her that day. I waited a week. My mother isn't someone you confront about anything. She has a very volatile personality, and my goal has always been to do or say whatever was necessary to keep her from arguing explosively.

A week later I built up the courage to call her.

Me- I was told you weren't my real mother.
Her-Who the fuck told you that? Who's talking about me?
Me-Are you my real mother?
Her-Who the fuck is talking about me? Fucking backstabbers. Who the fuck you been talking to about me behind my back?
Me-Ma, it's not about you. It's about me. Are you my mother?
Her-Well I've been your mother since you were 11 months old. Your mother didn't want you, but I did. Other people rejected you at the adoption agency, but I wanted you. I wanted you! Nobody else wanted you. Now, who the fuck is talking about me behind my back? If they got anything else to say, they need to say it to my damn face!
Me-Who is my mother?
Her-I don't know.Who is talking about me?
Me-You don't know who my mother is?
Her-I don't know her. I don't know why you wanna know who she is. She didn't want you!  Nobody wanted you but me. Who's talking about me?

( I wasn't about to tell her that her grandson told me)

So, that's how that first conversation went. 

Monday, December 19, 2016

Question of the Day/ Week /Month /Year

I'm a huge proponent of voting; so much so that I get upset when people tell me that they don't vote. I used to take my nephew with me to the voting booth when he was little so that he could be aware of the voting process. I've even taken carloads of people from church with me to vote so that they couldn't use their inability to get to the polls as an excuse for not voting. I've even begged family members to please vote.
I understand the historically outdated reason behind the electoral college: 

but I've come to the realization that my vote doesn't mean anything. In this most recent U.S. Presidential election 2.8 million votes didn't mean anything. 2.8 million, as in the number of votes Hillary Clinton received in excess to donald. In any other country on this planet, Hillary Clinton would have won, but we have an electoral college that voted for the reality star/billionaire instead. No other country has an electoral college.

I'm wondering, why should I ever vote in any Presidential Election again when the Electoral College makes the decision?

My records

Per my attorney,   I composed yet another letter to Andrew Cuomo, the Governor of the state of New York. New York is one of 29 ( the number changes often)  states that have sealed adoption records laws.  I was supposedly born in Brooklyn New York, and I have no idea who I am. I am not sure of my date of birth. I don't know my birth mother's name or anything about her because my mother will not tell me. Why? Your guess is as good as mine.
I'm 54 yrs old. There is no reason in hell that I should not be allowed to know who I am. Most people in my life don't seem to understand why it's so important to me; but then again, they have brothers and sisters and mothers and fathers and aunts and uncles and cousins and grandmothers and grandfathers that resemble them, whose behaviours are similar to them, who carry diseases and ailments that they will carry, etc., and I have always been told I look and act like me.  Even before I found out I was adopted, I always wondered why I never felt like I belonged, why I was always the last to know about a family crisis or other family events and was not included in any of the planning of anything, why I didn't have the diseases others have, why my stature is different from anyone else. Also, why my mother always celebrated my birthday on a day that was different than the day my birth certificate ( that I discovered 10 yrs ago was a revised birth certificate) said I was born, and why the length of my body and my weight  at birth was always different every time my mother would talk about it, but my sister's birthday and size at birth was consistent (not to mention that she looks like every one of my mom's sisters and father's sisters and when I used to ask who I looked like, there would always be silence, followed by-'well, you look like you'). My earliest memory was going with my mother for a walk, while my sister was still in her stomach, and then a few days later, my  newborn sister on my mother's bed, and my cousin and myself looking at her. I was 3 at the time. I wish I could remember back when I was 11 months old, when my mother finally confessed that that was the age that she had adopted me ( though that changes as well, from that age to a year to 2 years).

I'm rambling on.

So, my attorney asked me to write the sappiest sob story I could write, to make the Governor feel sorry for me and allow me access to my birth records. This was the 4th letter I mailed to him in the past 2 years. I doubt that he will even see the letter, but I'm praying he will this time.

Friday, December 16, 2016


I managed to make it to Portland International Airport tonight to meet up with my friend Billal and his wife, Alia. Flying in from Algeria, they stopped in Portland to hang with me for a couple days  before their flight to Los Angeles. I haven't seen Billal since my first trip to Paris.  I feel honored that he and his wife made the trip to see me!  I look forward to showing them Portland, and eating some good African food with my Kenyan and Cameroonian friends.


 I often notice what others don't notice, and I hear what other's don't hear, but I don't want to be accused of being sensitive or of seeing what's not there, so I keep my mouth shut.



After friends see my posts promoting my novellas on Facebook, and they tell me they didn't know I was a writer, and they say that they'll download my novellas right away, but not one download has been made, a month later, and they continue to encourage me to write-


Thursday, December 15, 2016

Beyoncé - All Night

What you don't know

Sometimes loneliness makes the loudest noise.

--Aaron Ben Ze'ev

    Sometimes I think my loneliness is screaming and people can't ( or don't care to) hear it.

--Alieux George

I remember the first time I went to Paris, 4 years ago. It was my 50 year old birthday present to myself
 A few months later, I had shown my mother the hundreds of pictures I had taken. The only thing she said in response to the pictures was;

"You're lonely, aren't you?"

I don't know how she came upon that conclusion after seeing my pictures. I was disappointed. It was as if she didn't know me, like she had just met me. If there was anyone that should have known that I was lonely, it should have been her. She knew I loved Paris, and I had talked about having my honeymoon there, but I had turned 50 before I found my wife, and the only person she saw in my pictures besides the passersby, was me. It's been years since I mentioned a girlfriend. My response was 'yeah, ma, I'm lonely,' but I wanted to say 'how could you not know I was lonely?'

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Lucy Pearl - Dance Tonight (Love & Basketball Soundtrack)

My Uber ride today

So, when my uber driver arrived in front of the grocery store where I was standing, in addition to the uber sticker on the right side of his front windshield, I saw a trump/pence sticker and a confederate flag sticker on the right side of his toyota camry. I knew I wasn't what he was expecting to provide a ride.
A week earlier, a friend had shown me an article that said that people of color were getting delays of uber rides  by an average of an hour, or cancellations. Investigations have confirmed people's suspicions.  I haven't had any drama with uber. As a matter of fact, my average wait times have been 4 minutes, with the longest I've ever had to wait for an uber ride, being 7 minutes. I'm pretty sure it's because of the spelling of my first name; Alieux
(Uber riders get ride requests by name. They don't see a face. Based on the name, they can decide whether to accept or reject). As a matter of fact, I am convinced; at three new  insurance jobs  I've had in the 90's and the 00's before linkedin and google search, sales agents would be the first to come to my desk to meet this new underwriter named 'Alieux'. There would always be a look of disappointment. It turns out, they were expecting  to meet a french female and not a black man. Years after we've bonded and became friends, they would tell me what their expectations were when they first met me. I'd laugh, and say 'sorry'.
Anyway, when my uber driver arrived in front of the grocery store where I was standing, I opened the car door, said 'hello' and I put my bags in the back seat, sat down and shut the door. He said, 'you're not what I was expecting. You're going to Kirby Lane, right?'  He was an older caucasian with a receding hairline. He was playing country music. I said 'yes' and I asked him what he was expecting. He said 'well the spelling of your name is, uh, well- is it pronounced  'al-you' ?   I said yes ( he pronounced it correctly). He said 'I thought you'd be a woman.'  I told him I'm not. He said ' I can see that.'

He didn't say anything else until after I said 'thanks, have a good evening and happy holidays' when he arrived at my address. He said 'thanks, you too'.

I mentioned this to a friend, Jermaine, who lives in Boston, and I also mentioned it to my friends DeMarco and Marsalis, who both live in Milwaukee. Jermaine said that he can't even get an uber ride because they keep cancelling, Marsalis said that he had to wait about 40 minutes each time and just about gave up on them. DeMarco said that his average wait is an hour, and so he just uses regular cab service if his brother or girlfriend can't pick him up.

My friends Nancy, Mary Anne, and Heather said they never have a problem getting an uber ride quickly.

I wonder why?

Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Note to self

شما منحصر به فرد هستند.
شما زیبا هستند.
و شما را دوست داشت.
شما ارزشی بیش از شما می توانید تصور کنید روزی هستند. در جایی، کسی است که به انتظار و دعا برای کسی مثل شما هر روز.

Top priority

peace before EVERYTHING
God before ANYTHING
love before anything

real before everything

home before anyplace

--Mos Def


Erykah Badu Talks Wanting New Music From Andre 3K, Past Relationships & ...

Sunday, December 11, 2016

A Random memory

When I was working as an underwriter for Centrallife Insurance Company in Madison Wisconsin, the company was bought by Employers Health Insurance, out of Green Bay Wisconsin. It was a requirement that my department take two medical terminology courses. Those that passed the exams with a total score of 100 were allowed to keep their jobs. Those that failed would lose their jobs. We were given medical terminology books to study. One teacher had a Jeopardy-style class. She would provide an answer (like- this is composed of red and white cells, platelets and plasma), and someone would give the question (like- what is blood?). I 'won' the class. The other class was taught like a grammar class in which the teacher would provide prefixes (like-cardi/o, conjunctiv/o, and  dermat/o) and suffixes (like-ology, itis, scopy. and osis) and she would put the prefixes and suffixes together and ask the class to define it. I'd raise my hand every time, and the teacher would let me give the answer. I was the only black person in the class. My coworkers were upset with me. They told my boss that I wasn't giving them the opportunity to answer any of the questions. My boss asked me to stop answering all the questions and give my coworkers the opportunity to do so. That pissed me off,  I replied, "I'm not keeping them from answering the teacher's questions. Why should I pretend to not know the answers if I do?"   My boss continued to ask me to please, for  once, let my coworkers answer the questions."
I reluctantly obliged. The teacher asked what a cholecystectomy was. I knew the answer, but I didn't raise my hand. Neither did anyone else. Then the teacher looked at me and said " I know you know the answer."  I smiled, saying "Gallstone removal."  I was correct. Then the teacher asked what a Nephrolithotripsy was. I knew the answer to this one as well, but I didn't raise my hand. Neither did anyone else. Then the teacher again said " Alieux, I know you know the answer. Why aren't you raising you hand? "  I smiled, saying " Kidney stone removal." Again, I was correct.  I was ready for my coworkers to bitch and moan about my still answering the questions so that I can tell the boss that they're jealous that they didnt know the answers and that the teacher asked me for the answers.  I will never forgot how my intelligence posed a threat to their success and how my boss enabled them.

I was one of only 4 (out of 17 underwriters) that got to keep my job.


It's nice to be nice, isn't it?

I'm exhausted. I struggle really hard to not go off on people that get on my nerves.  I want people to think I'm nice.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016


When someone invests alot of energy into disliking you, anything you do or say can be misunderstood.


Lip service

Interesting dream I just had a few minutes ago. I had to get online immediately to write it up and try to get back to sleep. 

I was at a party, with all my friends.  They were in huddles,whispering to each other. When I approached one group, they stopped whispering and they began encouraging me to continue with my baking business and writing, and that they were in full support of me. I then smiled and walked over to another group of people who did the same thing. Then I walked over to every group who did the same thing, but one person said I should get invites to lots of parties, "and you could bring a cake to each party, and bring business cards and get calls and invites to parties and you could bring a cake to each party, and bring business cards and get calls and invites to parties."  Then I found myself in the bedroom, watching  a tv screen which was a projection of the room where all my friends were in huddles, laughing. I returned to the room and it was empty. All the food was eaten, the business cards I gave them were in stacks, next to the stacks of manuscripts I had brought to the party to try to sell, but my stack of manuscripts had grown to double its size. My friends were outside in the backyard, in their huddles, whispering. When I entered the backyard, they all stopped whispering, said they had to leave, but each person encouraged me to keep on writing and to keep on baking.
Then I was at my old job, and the same friends were there. There was a former coworker who had a basket full of dead sunflowers and rocks and muffins from the cafeteria that had mold on them. She was starting a business selling the things in her basket, and every person who was at my party was there, standing in line, eager to buy them. 

I was pissed, and hurt,  and I woke up,  knowing exactly what the dream meant. 

Monday, December 5, 2016

Like Dave Chapelle (as Rick James)

she just returned from madagascar and emailed me and our group of friends about her time there and other parts of East Africa and she sees the pics I've emailed of all the cakes I've been baking, and as usual she encourages me to start a business and to keep on doing what I love and that she wants to support me and she wants a cake and I tell her that it will cost $40 and she changes her mind because she didn't realize that she would need to pay for the cake and that she's so broke but 3 days later she tells us that she just booked a flight to Spain and Morrocco for 13 days and she decided to stay in hotels this time rather than an airbnb, and I be like:

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Are you an introvert?

This explains me, 100%.  Finally...

6 Illustrations That Show What It’s Like in an Introvert’s Head

Dear Extroverts,
We love your energy and your excitement. But as introverts, we sometimes feel misunderstood. We wish you could visualize what’s going on inside our brains—you might be surprised! Here are six illustrations of what it’s like to be in our heads.
  1. According to The Introvert Advantage by Marti Olsen Laney, introverts have a longer neural pathway for processing stimuli. Information runs through a pathway that is associated with long term memory and planning. In other words, it’s more complicated for introverts to process interactions and events. As they process information, introverts are carefully attending to their internal thoughts and feelings at the same time.
  2. According to studies by psychologist Hans Eysenck, introverts require less stimulation from the world in order to be awake and alert than extroverts do. This means introverts are more easily over-stimulated.
  3. The flip side of introverts’ sensitivity to dopamine is that they need less of it to feel happy. Extroverts’ brains run on an energy-spending nervous system, whereas introverts’ brains run on an energy-conserving nervous system. This is why introverts feel content and energized when reading a book, thinking deeply, or diving into their rich inner world of ideas.
  4. Introverts’ brains aren’t as strongly rewarded for gambling or taking risks as extroverts’ brains are. The brain’s reward and pleasure system is activated by dopamine neurotransmitters. Scientists found that extroverts’ brains responded with more pleasure to positive gambling results. In other words, introverts feel less excitement from surprise or risk.
  5. The introvert’s brain treats interactions with people at the same intensity level that it treats encounters with inanimate objects. Introverts process everything in their surroundings and pay attention to all the sensory details in the environment, not just the people.
  6. As introverts are thinking, they reach back into long-term memory to locate information. An introvert will often compare old and new experiences when making a decision, which slows the processing down but leads to carefully thought-out decisions.This means that introverts have an active dialogue with themselves and usually walk around with many thoughts in their minds.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Melanin Monroe

That Melanin Tho

The Elliptical

I'm editing my short story, The Elliptical because I want to add more depth and sympathy to Robbie, since after all, Robbie is loosely based on myself, and The Elliptical is a fantastical revenge fantasy story about a boy who wishes his father would return and rescue him from those who say they love him but treat him like they hate him;


don’t forget the bottles  
of muscatel clanking  

in yards of  broken champagne flute glasses  
and lost memories of celebratory toasts; 
slobbering stammering and stuttering a language; 
the ‘C’ word. 
in a pitch low enough that  only other alcoholics can interpret.  
in a pitch high enough that only other dogs can hear…”  

The Effects Of him, 
              by Alieux Casey-George

But I also have an idea for a new short story, that I can't wait until I'm done with  The Elliptical, to start on. It's a kafkaesque version of one of my favorite childhood tv shows, The Courtship of Eddie's Father. 

Do you hold grudges?

Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. Author unknown.

  I don't hold grudges. I'll quickly forgive what people do, but I don't forget. If you grab a piece of charcoal and realize it's hot, and you drop it (like it's hot) are you going to forget it's hot and grab it again?

 Do you hold grudges? 

Whatever happened to Lindsey?

click here

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Song in my head

Who am I?

"For every confidence, there's someone willing to betray it."

I  was watching a movie on tv about a woman who discovered she had been adopted as a child. Her husband found a private investigator, and then immediately after the next commercial break, she had the address of her mother. She was amazed at how quickly the private investigator was able to find her mother, but then again, she knew her mother's full name. After eventually talking to her mother ( who had initially hidden behind a locked door when the woman showed up) she talked to the private investigator about how her adoption was a secret, and he said 'for every confidence, there's someone willing to betray it.'

My adoption was a secret. It's still a secret since no one alive will tell me anything about who I was before I became a casey and how the caseys 'attained' me. My records are sealed by the state of New York for some unknown reason. My private investigator told me that it is impossible to access my records. I know that movie was just a movie and not real life, but that sentence made me feel some kind of way:

For every confidence, there's someone willing to betray it.

I don't have the kind of money one would need to pay to betray a confidence, unfortunately. One attorney did tell me to write a letter to the Governor of New York, and to make it a really sad sob story.  I did that.  In early 2015.  It's almost Christmas, 2016, and I still don't know anything.

My records are sealed by the state of New York. I wonder why. What makes me to so 'special' that my birth records would need to be sealed? I wonder if my parents were famous and/or rich?

I'm too broke to research this at the moment, but as soon as I get my money right, I'm going to start again.

I'll set this right here, and walk away-

I know someone who has told the same lie so often that they can't even remember if it's the truth (and their favorite complaint about people is that they hate liars more than anything).

Janet Jackson- On getting down, getting up, getting through, and getting over.

#janet, #janetjackson, #nasty #missjacksonifyourenasty

The Boris and Nicole Show clip Salli & Dondre Whitfield

ABFF "FOR THE LOVE" feat. Salli Richardson-Whitfield

yeah, the only celebrity I love almost as much as Halle

The Best Thing I heard recently

From my friend Bilal and his wife Tahira-

"Alieux, while looking for a wife, you really need to try to adopt. You're a great guy and you'd be a great father. You are depriving yourself of the fatherhood I know you desire. There are lots of young black boys that could use someone like you in their lives. You don't have to be someone's husband to be a dad."

I teared up when I heard that.


I saw the tail end of The View today, and I saw that Whoopi Goldberg had on this sweater. I had to google it immediately and I saw that it was available on, for $24.99 USD and they had it in my size! So I bought it. I'm wearing it to any Christmas parties to which I am invited.

Monday, November 28, 2016

By the way...

If you're looking for something new to download on your kindle (or kindle app, available on iphones through the app store)

is available on the Amazon Kindle Store,
as well as the following

#amazonkindle, #amazon #kindle

A Facebook Quote

“A person without a sense of humor is like a wagon without springs. It's jolted by every pebble on the road.”
― Henry Ward Beecher

I love this quote because I can relate to it. I think it's easier to be around someone-it makes it less awkward to be around someone who is funny, and can laugh at things and at themselves.  I remember once, a coworker  approached me, saying, "Alieux, say something, anything.  I'm having a bad day. You always make me laugh, even internally."  It never even occurred to me before that moment, that I had that effect on someone, and from that moment, I try (sometimes failing, but if you know me, you know my heart) as best as I can to be the type of person that people like to be around.  Who wants to be around a stick in the mud?  I know I don't!

Jazmine Sullivan - Need U Bad

Je Suis Serieux

Je suis tellement motivé et inspiré de faire assez d'argent pour quitter Portland.Tu n'as aucune idée!

I took this picture myself, from underneath the Tour Eiffel!

Soul Cypher 2015

Sunday, November 27, 2016

WTF moment

This advertisement showed up in my email inbox the day before Thanksgiving. I'm just seeing it for the first time today. I'm kind of speechless.
Collard Greens, a cheap leafy staple of soul food cuisine is being sold by Neiman Marcus ( whom we call Needless Markup) as a gourmet food item, for $66 plus the  shipping charge of $15.50?

I make collard greens often, and the total ingredients I can get for about $15.50 total.

I saw a post on Facebook a few minutes ago that said it was sold out.

Can we not have anything to ourselves without it being culturally appropriated? DAMN!

What next? Chittlins ?

What is Afrodisia?

This is my little corner of the blogosphere. This blog is dedicated to all those wonderful people whose heart beats to the rhythm of the soul. A place holder for discussions around music, afrocentric pop culture, Christianity, spirituality, politics, black love, and the black family. The idea is for everyone visiting this site to take away at least one happy moment that might make your day a teeny bit more interesting. Feel free to not just look at the current postings but the past postings as well, and offer your opinions and comments.


Keeping hope alive


I joined Blackpeoplemeet the other day. To join was free; it allows you to view other profiles, but in order to message the women you're interested in, you have to pay. I saw three women I wanted to message. I also noticed that 38 women sent me a flirt, and 14 sent me an email. In order for me to respond to the flirts and emails I have to pay. Every one of the flirts or emails were  older than me, the youngest older than me by 5 years. I'm going to guess that no one reads profiles to see what people are looking for except myself.
So I paid to be able to message the 3 women I saw initially. I only paid for the one-month plan. Within 24 hours, all three women viewed my message. No one responded but two of them blocked me.
I'm going to keep hope alive.
I have no other choice. 

I guess nobody ever told you, all you must hold onto, is you, is you, is you.

The prettiest thing

           A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear