Friday, October 23, 2015

In the past 72 hours

Red Velvet macarons with Portwine Creme Filling

  •     There was a need for someone to do the job from which I got promoted, and I was told to do it but was told I would keep my title and my pay, so all is good.
  •      I got a market adjustment raise!
  •      I got to celebrate the life of a friend's mom, which made me worry  about how I would celebrate my mom's life, when the time comes.
  •      I baked 5 cakes.
  •      I began working out with heavier weights 
  •      I made 2 dozen red velvet macarons.
  •      I started to think about the Masters degree I'd like to have: one that relates to my job and career  (A Masters in Public Health Administration), or one that pertains to my passion (Architecture, Culinary Arts, or Writing).

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