Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A Quote to get your day started

Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day.

I have a few work-related rituals that I do first thing in the morning before I even get my cup of coffee. I check for emergency emails, and I check my calendar so I can prepare for any last minute meetings that were scheduled.  I like when my boss asks about a project and I'm able to tell him it's done or that I've already implemented a plan to get it done, 
 And every evening I do what I truly hate doing. I go to the gym and workout and do cardio. This is necessary since I need to lose weight, 
Do you have any daily disciplines?


  1. Yeah I floss my teeth religiously every night. So boring, but so necessary.

    1. Yeah, thats a good habit of mine too!

  2. Floss.

    Call my mother every morning.


    I used to walk but then it kinda got unsafe.

    I like routine.

    1. Flossing 2 x a day is a new habit of mine! I need to write more. I walk alot, but it's scary for me too, but not for the same reason you might have. Cops are forever stopping me and asking why I'm in the neighborhood since I look suspicious.