Friday, September 4, 2015

The Best Things That Ever Happened

  • The minute I was asked to be the Godfather to my friend's gorgeous newborn daughter Arianna.
  • Seeing my nephew being born. 
  • Watching that same nephew get his high school diploma 18 yrs later.
  • Spending 2 weeks in Paris for my 50th birthday.
  • Finding out the countries to where my DNA was traced- Click here. I always thought that if I was go to Africa, I would go to where my people came from.  Since I don't know my parents, I at least now feel a connection to the Africans I've met here. I plan to take a month off in 2017 and go to the Cote d'ivoire and Ghana.  And Cameroon, etc. 

So, what are the best things that ever happened to you?

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