Thursday, February 28, 2013

Song in my head

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

-Paul Mooney

Inside The Actors Studio- Halle Maria Berry

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Overcoming one's social programming isn't necessarily a straight-ahead task, but I'm learning. You can say I'm a slow learner. Indifference speaks volumes. You just have to listen.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Who is Sarah Baartman?


This morning I asked God  "to please subtract from my life people who have no intention of adding value to it," and between that moment and the time I got to work, 5 people unfriended me on facebook.

Thank you God for answering my new daily prayer.   At the same time, God,  that you subtract those people, please add to my life, people who will add value to it.


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The P word

That awkward  moment when someone you respect gets defensive when you  realize there are different rules for different people in the same department, and you ask why, and they don't know what to say.


Dear Lord,

               I fear that I’m becoming the type of person I have always hated: the type that generalizes entire groups of people based on the consistent ugliness of people I have to deal with, regularly,  I don’t have that invisible knapsack of privilege (or as Paul Mooney calls it, the complexion for the protection) that a certain group doesn't even know they carry, and not only am I angry about those that realize they have it and use it, but I resent those that don’t know they have it and thus, take it for granted and think I’m being sensitive when I experience things or situations.
              What really made me stop and think about this, God, was when a coworker told me he was going to work one day last week and he was the only white person in a compartment of the train. He was surrounded by African Americans,  Latinos, and Asians, and the Homeland security guys boarded the train  to check IDs to do random searches for whatever they're looking for ( they do this on  occasion) and the Transit fare checkers boarded the train as well, to be sure everyone paid their fare or had a valid transit pass, and as he reached in his pocket to show his Identification and fare pass, the security guys said:
"You don't need to show it. You're good."
                And he watched as every single person around him had to show proof.

                He said it was then that he realized that he had that privilege that I didn't have. He said it really bothered him.

                (not as much as it bothers me, though)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday, February 11, 2013

The next time

   The next time you think of beautiful things, don't forget to count yourself in.

Friday, February 8, 2013


Always Shine.

Song in my head

I miss Silver Spring Maryland. I worked as a Healthcare Consultant for a company in The District, and I lived in Silver Spring. My life there, my environment- couldn't be any more the opposite of what it is now, in Portland Oregon. I felt like a fish in water, rather then the feeling I have now, of being a fish on dry land. Yes, I'm having withdrawals, and not for food, drink, or drugs. It's for black people. While my world was about 99% black people, my world here is about 99.7% white people   If it wasn't for the 9 11 I would still live in Silver Spring, but my company lost clients that were housed in The Twin Towers. Anyway, there were some songs  that always took me back to that time, and I missed that  life so much that I couldn't listen to them.   This song was one of them.

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Oscar Wilde's cemetery plot, Paris France
If you thought the alarm clock woke you up, sit that same alarm clock in the grave and see who gets up.

The tools of modern revolutions

Afrika has always had what the world wanted, needed, and couldn't live without but never wanted to pay for it. 
- John Henrik Clarke
“The tools of modern revolutions, a gun and a phone, are held by a masked youth. Other parts of his hellish carnival attire connect to Haiti’s past. To symbolize the suffering of slaves, he’s wrapped in a rope, his skin is glazed in charcoal and molasses—an inexpensive, easy-to-make masquerade worn since colonial times.”

--Cathy Newman.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

African Proverb

We lose so much knowledge with every death. I really advocate listening and spending time with the elderly.

I wish my grandfather was still around. I had gained so much knowledge from him. I asked him alot of questions.
If I knew then what I know now, I would have asked him more questions.

Black on Both Sides

Even the nicest people have their limits.


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

They won't recognize there's more to the thickness

Genesis 19:24-26

I almost chased after someone yesterday but I recalled saying to myself that the last time I chased after someone would be the last time. And I stopped looking back and started going in the opposite direction.

I keep forgetting that every morning I pray that God subtracts people from my life who are unnecessary, hinderances (albatrosses) and please add to my life people who I can inspire or whom will inspire and encourage me to be who He and I want me to be, and when this happens-when people stop calling or texting or emailing, I have to remind myself that God is just answering my prayers.

The end.

Song in my head

Monday, February 4, 2013


Over the weekend my Goddaughter called me. She said she wanted to know how I was doing. She's seven years old. 2 friends called me as well, asking about my trip to Paris, and  before I could describe the trip they revealed the reason for the call- they needed me to bake my White Chocolate Kahlua Cake with  Tequila Buttercreme frosting (click here ), so that she could impress her mother in-law who doesn't think she could bake. They wanted it for free. I haven't heard from these  friends since I last called them in August, leaving a voicemail. They've had parties and other social events, with pics posted on Facebook, not commenting on anything I've posted-- and now they need my assistance. They also wanted me to go with them to IKEA to help them carry heavy items to their truck and help them build cabinets and a desk that evening. They said I was a great cook and baker and the only reliable friend they have here in the city.  I even matched them up a year earlier and they were married in early December and forgot to include me in the celebrations but they did include everyone else in our friend's list. Their apology was in this phone call as well. Somehow they forgot. 
Back to my God Daughter. She called me. She wanted to tell me about her day and to thank me for all the gifts I bought for her from Paris, and to ask when will I be coming to visit her.

How did she know that I needed to hear her voice? I can not schedule my trip back to Madison Wisconsin fast enough.