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Waffle House 'hero' honored at MTV Movie and TV Awards

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Medicine For The Nightmare

"This story is being brought to you by TCX. Now serving the a----------n needs of West Texas."

It seemed to take forever for August 1 2004, to arrive. At 8:00 a.m. on that day in the Republic of Texas, applications were available for download from the new Government website. Once completed, they would need to be notarized and mailed to the Department of Domestic Defense, a new department created by Kwame F. Jackson, the second President of the four year-old country. On that day, by 8:45 a.m. there were so many downloads the system crashed. Who would have thought there would be so many women and children in the new nation that were abused? Kwame F Jackson , a hardcore Republican, won on the premise that David Stallings, the incumbent governor of the former state of Texas , had done doing nothing to reduce the problem of domestic abuse. Because the decision would be final, it needed to be carefully considered. After the investigation was completed, the validator would give the victim 1 business day to backout before the implementation of the punishment. There were postings for the State position of Validator- fifty of which were needed throughout the entire state of Texas, along with two-hundred fifty clerical positions, within a week after the inauguration. There also, were postings for Defense Enforcers-those who would be in charge of implementing the punishment, and Enforcement Analysts-those would schedule the appointments..."
He said the punishment was like a turnstile; the punishment didn’t fit the crime and as a result people weren’t even giving it a second thought. The punishment that Kwame F Jackson discussed during his presidential campaign would, in his words, not only more than fit the crime, it would make the abusers scared to even think of committing the crime. Though the other candidates all agreed that what he was proposing was extreme, within weeks, he went from being a virtual unknown; from a coach and owner of a boxing gym in Austin, the nation’s capital, to the front runner of his party for the rest of the election season and the eventual winner.

When Kwame F. Jackson was elected, there was a collective gasp by those who couldn’t believe that Texans would elect a black man as president of their new country. There also were dancing in the streets and high fives, mostly by women and children, while the men effected were considering exit strategies or committing suicide rather than facing what President Jackson was planning on implementing. The application was a questionnaire actually, and it included a series of questions, the answers of which had to be a minimum of 100 words in essay form: the name of the person who was abused, the name of the abuser ,the type of abuse, how the abuse affected the victim, and why the punishment fit the crime, in their opinion. And, the names of any witnesses. Once the application was received, a Validator from D.O.D.D. would schedule interviews with the abused, and their witnesses, their purpose being to validate the information to prevent fraud.

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