Friday, December 15, 2017

Floetry - Floetic

Eric Benét - Amazing Experience Meeting Prince, He Knew Who I Was! (247...

After the holidays

I can stop wondering why I have no plans to do anything with anyone who will be in town and why no one took advantage of the fact that I'm known for my baking and invite me to their home for Christmas with a dessert, and wondering why everyone knows me knows I'm single and lonely and haven't thought to invite me out to do anything. I don't want to come off as pathetic or pitiful and needy by hinting that I will be ordering a Large  Pepperoni Pizza from  Pizza Hutt with extra cheese  for dinner on Christmas and will make some cupcakes and will watch some dvd.  The same with NYE, except my ritual on that evening is to drink an entire bottle of champagne and eating something while watching something on Netflix, getting on my knees to pray that the following year is a better one for me in the way of love and  full-time permanent employment and finding my birth family, and getting in bed by 11pm and being sound asleep within minutes and waking up the morning of the new year.

I can't wait until 1/2/18.

What the hell did I do in a past life to deserve this life?   


I had a daughter or niece, that was of the appropriate age,  I'd get her this Barbie doll for Christmas

Prince - 36th NAACP Image Awards (2005)

Overheard on the train this morning

(a woman saying to her child who was screaming and yelling)

"I know what. Let's play that game we played last week where you were hiding and you played dead, but this time since we're on the train just play dead until we get to our stop." The boy must have thought it was a good idea because a minute later, he was quiet at least until I got off the train.

I'm in the World - Diana Ross