Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Rhythm Roulette: 9th Wonder

Monday, January 21, 2019

NAS ...Cops Shot The Kid (Official Video)

...white kids are brought in alive.
black kids get hit with like five...
Get scared you panic you going down.
The disadvantages of  the brown.

...reminds me of emmit till.
lets remind them why Kap kneels...


"...don't abuse children, or else they'll turn out like me..."


Happy MLK jr Day

Common & D'Angelo - Nag Champa [Afrodisiac for the World]

What Is The First Thing That You Remember?

It was November 5, 1965. I wasn't yet 3 years old. I know this because I had my third birthday 6 days after my sister Cheryl was born. That day she had been brought home from the hospital by her parents after having been born that morning.
The first thing I remember is myself and my cousin Joy, on the bed, watching this beautiful black baby, my sister who, 24 hours earlier was in my mother's stomach.  It was very mysterious-strange, rather, I thought, the idea that a baby comes out of a body.

It's as clear as day; the three of us, together.

This the earliest pic I have of my cousin and my self, with my Aunt Nell holding my sister. 

What Is The First Thing That You Remember?

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Daily Reminders

  1.       I am amazing.
  2.       God is in charge, so I'm not worrying about anything.
  3.       Positivity is a choice.
  4.       I'm an individual and I celebrate my individuality.
  5.       I'm prepared to succeed.
  6.       I'm the coolest person you will ever meet, and if you don't appreciate it then it's your loss.