Thursday, August 17, 2017

Bryson Tiller - Exchange

"Lord please save her for this one favor for me"

A couple weeks ago,  a friend made this post on Facebook:

'NFL to Black athletes:

N*gg*ers, stay in your place. You are to win games and keep us and team owners rich. That's it. Speak only when WE tell you to. Do what WE tell you to. Or else end up in the unemployment line. You understand me, boy? go rack up 250 receiving yards. My country club friends started you this week on their fantasy football team.'

My comment was- 'I feel this post, 100%. A HUGE packer fan here I'm torn between not watching the season in protest, and watching it.'

His response to my comment was-'I'm not torn anymore. I can't watch or otherwise support that organization. As my friend Doc Sinn said, "I can't in good conscious support an organization that so blatantly exploits Black athletes and fans while showing a complete disregard for Black humanity.  I can't sit at 1 o'clock and cheer while in the back of my mind I know that a Black man was exiled for speaking against racial and social injustice.

There is no way I can sit in the stands or at a sports bar and cheer with fans who embrace rapists and murderers, but have nothing but hatred, venom, and vitriol for a Black man who stood up for what was right.  I can't watch star Black athletes cower, fearful of speaking out.  Can't do it.  Not going to.'

I feel his response  100% as well.

Though I'm a huge Green Bay Packer fan, I'm not watching this season for the same reason, until Colin Kaepernick becomes part of a team.


Oh, and by the way-

I have friends, real life friends that were very upset and vocal about the photo on the bottom.... but they're quiet about the photo above... Someone Please explain.

BE (basement elevation)

"While I'm sittin' here waitin' on U know somebody somewhere's waitin' on me." -Marva Staples, Time Waits For No One

 About 20 years ago when I started a new job in Pewaukee Wisconsin, I received a sign-on bonus of a thousand dollars USD. That following weekend I gave my mother $400 cash. She was speechless at first, but then very happy for a few minutes. Then she was overwhelmed with sadness. She began talking about how my sister would never have given her $400, and about how recently she borrowed $20 from my sister that she had to pay back. She kept going on and on about how my sister hadn't done anything for her. I was disappointed. I had given her the money because I knew she needed it and because I love making her happy. I didn't know why she was obsessing over what my sister hadn't done and what she would never do.

I thought about myself recently; about how I'm saddened about the people whom I thought would come to my rescue at the lowest point in my life, when I should be happy about the people that stepped up to the plate, not just with money, but with simple regular texts to ask how I'm doing and to writing something nice and encouraging.

I have friends who are doing that. Why was I agonizing?

Not anymore.

Do you do that as well-? do you concern yourself with things about which you should not be concerned?